Level Up Your Security By Combining These Two Technology!

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How protected do you think your business property is? You should always consider multiple layers of security. 

Today’s biggest trend is adding a surveillance system to monitor those blind spots and access control for defending against illegal access.

In the past physical security systems worked independently of each other. Because of this, it was more costly and less efficient to operate multiple security options. 

With today’s technology combining access control and video surveillance is cost-effective and easier to manage.

Access control allows or denies people the action to enter any given building, specific floor, or room. There are many options to choose from and depending on the size of the company finding the perfect solution can be confusing.

A business with a small to mid-size amount of employees with a few doors, we recommend proximity keycards, fobs, or biometric options. These work fine as it’s easy to install and monitor.

For larger businesses, which can include multiple locations, a cloud-based access control system is a great option. In an emergency, this allows your security manager to control the system from anywhere.

Cloud-based systems cost more than a traditional system. Always research your options and see what’s best for your business.

When you need to make sure that important areas are under watch, installing a video surveillance system is the perfect solution.

Video surveillance has made amazing technology improvements. Video cameras can have up to 130-degree views, and when properly installed, will give you comprehensive coverage.

You can take it to the next level by installing 360-degree cameras. Placing these in a central area, you can see what’s happening all around.

Here are other camera options to consider:

  • >  Facial recognition
  • >  night vision
  • >  Two-way talk

How can you optimize access control and video surveillance technologies to work for you?

For example, what if someone found or stole and used a proximity card to enter a building, and there are no cameras installed. 

With access control and video surveillance configured properly, cameras can be set up to record when an employee uses their proximity card to enter any area. 

With the use of facial recognition, the surveillance system can recognize if the person entering is an employee or an unauthorized individual. If not, the system can set off an alarm.    

As you can see, combining these physical security options gives you greater protection by tracking people with higher accuracy and by addressing incidents with speed and efficiency.

For more information on how you can take advantage of this multi-layered trending security solution, contact us to get started.

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