What Are Security Cameras and Burglar Alarms

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Both security cameras and burglar alarms are home and business security products to help detect intrusion, the unauthorized entry, into a building or an area.

What Are Security Cameras

Security cameras are extremely powerful cameras designed to capture live footage of events that take place in an area. They can record and send live footage of what is happening around your home to your devices, which enables you to see your home security with live views anywhere and anytime.

There are two kinds of security cameras in the market — wireless security cameras that transmit videos and audio signals via WiFi, and PoE security cameras which transmit videos and power through one network cable. Both constitute a home and business security camera system.

The footage recorded by these cameras could be used as evidence later, if the intruder can be identified. If a criminal realizes there are security cameras installed in a property, they will be less likely to take a risk, which is another huge benefit of adding security cameras to your home.

What Are Burglar Alarms

A burglar alarm is a device that emits a loud noise when someone is entering a premise without permission. Most burglar alarm models can detect movement or opening of windows and doors in a home, where most intruders enter a property. Sensors placed on the windows and doors of a home ensure that every possible way of getting into a home is protected.

Outdoor alarms are available too. Older technologies were not as effective, but today’s motion sensors and gate alarms are much more advanced. This means you will be notified about any trespassers before they even reach your home or business.

Security Cameras VS Burglar Alarms, Which is better for Home or business Indoor and Outdoor Use

Using both of these security systems is the ultimate way to ensure that you deter and detect any burglars or unwanted guests. However, many people often have to choose one or the other. So which one is better for you? The score of them is about even.

A burglar hates being disrupted while they carry out their work, so a modern alarm is a very good device to detect their activity. Statistics prove that a burglar alarm is in fact a deterrent for burglaries.

Intruders for a crime are scared to be caught “in the act”. As a result, more criminals will avoid this risk and security cameras are also a deterrent for thefts or burglars.

Both serve their purposes. A burglar alarm sounds and alerts you when there is a breach (if there are video cameras, that will be perfect), and a camera system records videos in live view and alerts you when danger happen. Security cameras enable you to see clearly what is happening to your house with live views no matter where you are and no matter when it is. That is to say, security cameras make home and business security visible and burglar alarms make home and business secure by alarm sounds and those with cameras will provide both.