Smoke Alarm for Hearing-impaired

Vibrate Smoke Alarm

Are you looking for a smoke alarm for hearing-impaired loved ones? Smoke alarms in full and proper operation can save lives. However, hearing-impaired people may not be able to rely on the traditional smoke alarm to alert them from fire and selecting smoke alarm can be a lifesaving step to take.

Fortunately, there are plenty of smoke alarms on the market that are specialized for a hearing-impaired individual like alarms that vibrate your bed and or one that emit a strobe light. Usually, the ideal solution is to use these two specialized alarm combinations to alert the person of a fire or smoke danger.

In this article you will learn more about the available option:

What is a smoke alarm with strobe light?

This alarm emits a flashing light designed with high intensity to wake up a person. Some devices flash a longer and steady light, while others deliver more of a classic strobe light effect. Having a detector with a visual, such as smoke alarms with strobe lights, will ensure the individual will receive the alert in an event of a fire.

Hearing Impaired Smoke Strobe Detector

What is a Vibrate smoke alarm?

When the hearing-impaired person is asleep, a pillow or a bed shaker can wake them up, so they are notified of a fire or smoke danger even if they are in a deep sleep. The agitator is activated by the sound of a smoke alarm. This alarm is great for all ages, and many models are acoustically activated, meaning the device “hears” the conventional alarm and then begins vibrating immediately.

Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm

Why use both vibration and strobe alarms?

The combination of both brings the most effective warning for a hearing-impaired individual. If one alarm does not wake them, the other one will. Homeowners who are hearing impaired or their loved ones who are, can now feel safe and protected knowing that the proper life saving  devices are there to keep them safe.

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