The Benefits of Two-Way Voice Communication Monitoring

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Two-Way Voice is part of a complete home security solution that offers immediate hands-free communication, through the security system’s control panel. Think of it as a very sensitive speaker phone on your control panel which provide you a direct contact to a qualified emergency response personnel in an emergency. It uses a normal phone line, or in some cases can use a secure cellular connection. Most of the major brands of home security products include this ability in their security systems.

What about privacy?

The 2-Way Voice will only work when the alarm system is triggered. Rest assured, you are in complete control and the 2-Way voice security system will protect your home as well as your privacy!

Benefits of 2-Way Voice

In the typical alarm situation, once the alarm is activated, central station staffs will try to contact the homeowner via the home phone or cell phone. If no contact is made, or no one can provide the proper passcode, the authorities are then notified.

2-Way Voice provides several benefits:

Have Peace of Mind: Knowing that the elderly or disabled can easily link in circumstances where they may not be able to get to a telephone.

Cuts False Alarms: The Central Station Monitoring staffs can listen in and are qualified to be able verify the signal and determine if there is a verifiable alarm situation.

A Faster Response Time: because the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid can verify a signal, they can escalate the dispatch by demonstrating verification that a theft is likely in progress.

Cuts Losses: When a signal is received, the agent will speak directly through the monitor, and request a password, if the password is not correctly answered, the agent will instruct potential intruders that police have been notified, which will likely scare the intruders away. Which it will scare away the intruder.

Saves Lives: In case of a medical emergency occurs, the call is directly routed to more highly trained personnel who are Personal Emergency Response Situations qualified and will stay on the line to assure the victim and provide potentially life-saving instructions.