What Is A Fire Alarm Control Panel?

Fire Alarm Control Panel

A Fire Alarm Control Panel is a component that offers control through a Fire Alarm or notification system. Throughout the building, life safety devices are installed. These devices send information to the control panel. This includes environmental changes and the location of a threat. These devices can sense the presence of heat, smoke, and fire. The panel can also receive warnings from equipment issues that could cause a fire.

In Florida, there are several laws and regulations which regulate the installation and use of fire control panels. It is important to be familiar with the laws and regulations that pertain to your state.


What Does A Fire Panel Do?

Fire Panels do a wide range of life-saving and property protection tasks. Some trigger fire suppression or fire sprinkler systems. Others can generate high pitched alarm sounds in the building.

Every Fire Panel is listening for threats from life safety devices. Ready to warn people of danger or problems. Fire Panels can also be unified with security and access control systems. The Fire Panel will take priority over other systems when an emergency occurs. For example, if a physical threat in a building is happening security guards can trigger the exit doors to lock. If a fire was to happen the Fire Panel will override the lock doors so people can evacuate.

When the Fire Panel receives a signal, it sends a signal to the monitoring station. The monitoring company reviews the signals and swiftly dispatches medical, fire and or police.


Two Type of Fire Panels

Fire Alarm Control Panel

Conventional Fire Alarm systems are made up of zones. Each room or floor in a building is a zone. For example, the 1st floor can be zone 1, 2nd floor can be zone 2 and so on. When a smoke detector detects smoke or a pull station is used it sends electricity to the Fire Panel. The panel recognizes the signal and sets off the alarms. With this system, all we know is that a fire is happening on a floor or area. This technology is older and could be found in older buildings.

An addressable Fire Alarm system links fire and smoke devices that communicate with each other and the Fire Panel. Each device is given an address. So, when a device goes off, whoever receives the signal will know which address (device) it came from. It could be from a room, hallway, elevator and so on. This makes for a precise location of where the threat is coming from. This system gives you more flexibility and information.



Addressable Fire Alarms with all the feature-rich options are the recommended Fire Panel for schools, hotels, medium and large businesses. Because recognizing and detecting potential threats is faster it also helps to make evacuations easier.

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